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Are You Afraid to Survey Your Clients?

Are You Afraid to Survey Your Clients? Quality Driven Software Customer Feedback Management, Review Generation Software, Customer Feedback Tool, Customer Feedback System

I recently had a new QDS user admit that he was afraid to send his first survey for fear of what the clients might say.  Funny as that sounds, it is a real fear and he isn’t alone.  Surveying is the first step towards improving client satisfaction Here’s Martha’s take on why you need to […]

Improve Your Response Rate With This Technique

Here’s the simple process we use daily for sending and resending surveys. We send a lot of surveys for different companies, so we need a quick and easy way to send and resend. Improve your response rate with this quick and easy technique. Interested in having your surveys sent for you?  Email for […]

Individual Incentives vs. Team Incentives

Individual pay for performance systems are great, but they can lead to pitting one team member against to another, if you’re not careful. It’s a good idea to mix in some team incentive programs that lead to a culture of team, not just “what’s in it for me”. In this video, I briefly cover some […]

What’s New, Coming Soon, and Currently in Beta

What’s New, Coming Soon, and Currently in Beta

What’s New, Coming Soon, and Currently in Beta?   Quality Driven Software has been busy being the best in performance for all things customer satisfaction and employee performance.  Below are a few highlights of new features, things currently in beta, and features that are being released soon.  Thanks for reading our blog and we would […]