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Some days it feels like you’re killing it, even without a customer feedback tool. All that hard work you put into your service business is paying off. You’re signing new customers and retaining the old. Finally, your team is humming along. But then a few customers complain and now it feels like no one is happy.

Don’t worry. It happens. If you don’t keep your finger on the pulse of your business, you can lose your focus to deliver quality service. You need an effective way to get customer feedback now. But how can you get back on track and stay there?

Well, we’ve got some awesome news for you! You’ve found a proven way to get valuable customer responses about your service quality. Our customer feedback tool can help you cut out the guesswork.

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QDS Helps You
Scale Your Business

Effective Job Surveys

Gauge customer satisfaction with proactive surveys that are easy for customers to complete.

Feedback On Employees

Get the FIRST customer satisfaction software that ties the survey to the employee.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The QDS dashboard lets you see problem areas and at-risk customers with a glance.

Professional Business Documents

From service forms to sales and marketing resources, get the documents you need to grow.

Customer Feedback Tool
Made Easy For You

Fully Automated

Your days are already jam-packed if they’re anything like ours. That’s why QDS is fully automated. We knew business owners like you can’t add more time-intensive tasks to their schedules. Once our customer feedback tool is set up, it sends out the surveys and gathers the data for you.

Publish Testimonials

No doubt you appreciate the value of referrals in your service business. A recommendation from a friend can quickly earn you a new customer. It works online too. Easily publish testimonials from happy customers to your website. Then watch new accounts roll in!

Proactive Reporting

No one has a lot of time to analyze customer feedback data on reports. And if you did, would you really want to? Our customer feedback tool was created by customer service experts. They designed it to gather data and show you key information that impacts your business.

Real-Time Responses

One day things can be going great for your business. And the next day, not so much. If you’re going to maintain top-quality service, you need to know how customers feel in real-time. Now you can use our customer feedback tool to coach employees quickly.

QDS Relieves Business
Owners Who Feel:


Uncertainty about how customers feel or lack of clarity on their needs can overwhelm you. Quality Driven Software is the customer feedback tool that tells you what you need to know in real time.


Are your customers happy? What do they want? Are your employees delivering quality service every time? Find out with Quality Driven surveys. Our customer feedback tool has everything you need right at your fingertips.


It can be hard to pinpoint service quality problems. Don’t keep banging your head against the wall. Let our customer feedback tool give you the insight you need.


Even after you collect customer feedback, it can be hard to know where to start. Quality Driven Software shows you right where to direct your attention through out powerful customer feedback tool.

More About
Quality Driven Software

The creators of Quality Driven Software started with decades of combined experience in the maid business. While running their own service companies, they saw other owners plagued with frustration. They found the many reasons for that were customer service issues. But gathering customer feedback was always a challenge for the maid business.

So, they built customer feedback tool that could automate the surveys. It also captures responses in real time and it delivers proactive reporting. QDS helps owners decrease stress, find clarity, and measure what matters.