Culture First Workplace Certification

It's Not Just a Graphic. It's Verifiable

This is definitely not a “fluff” award that means nothing.  You must meet the qualifications.

Step 1:  Read Through the Qualifications.

Step 2:  If you feel you meet the qualifications, apply, and provide the necessary documents.

Step 3:  We will review your application, if you meet the requirements, you will be sent a certificate, a Culture First Certified Workplace badge, and a URL to place with the certification badge.  That URL will lead to this site and will verify the authenticity of the certificate, and the expiration date.  

Will Your Workplace Qualify?

We’ll warn you, there’s nothing fake or “pay to play” about this certification.  You have to prove you deserve it by meeting the qualifications listed below.  If you feel that you do meet the qualifications, we urge you to apply.

Once approved, you will receive the actual digital certificate, the certification badge, and most importantly, your unique URL that anyone can use to verify the results.

If you are questioning whether or not you will qualify, or know that you won’t, book a “Culture Checkup” call with Martha Woodward.  Martha is the Co-Founder of Quality Driven Software, and the Founder of the Culture First membership group.  She can help you fix whatever needs to be fixed. Believe me, she wants to help you build a happier workplace.

Here's an overview of the requirements:

Ready to Apply for YOUR Workplace Certification?