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Martha Woodward Bio

Martha Woodward | Quality Driven Software
Martha came from a healthcare background where she was a Director of a department, and thought she knew how to manage people effectively.  But then she resigned and opened a service business.  That service business showed her that she didn’t know how to lead people at all.
Martha has owned her service business since 2007, and has gone from that business running her, to her current business that doesn’t require her presence at all.  In fact, she lives 100 miles from her business and all office staff are remote.  Because of her remote logistics, Martha had to learn how to build a service business that had the structure to run without anyone micromanaging the service employees.
Turns out, this quest for growing “a business that practically runs itself” grew into a passion for Martha.  She co-founded Quality Driven Software, a client retention and employee performance tracking software and also a consulting business where she is known as the Pay for Performance expert.
Martha has recently discovered her love for international travel and is looking forward to the days her husband, of 30+ years, can retire and travel with her.  She has 2 grown kids, who, funny enough, both work for different survey companies.

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