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Jeff McConaughey Bio

Jeff McConaughey | Extreme Landscaping
Jeff McConaughey has the President of Extreme Landscaping since 2013, a full-service landscaping company which services residential and commercial properties in Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, Texas. In a few short years, he has grown his business into a multi-million dollar company by focusing on the metrics of his business. As a result of his experience, he now helps businesses focus on their KPI’s by implementing reports that can be monitored to ensure income growth. He has assisted business owners and provided solutions to help reduce stress, eliminate fear and increase performance for all members of their business.
Jeff is committed to helping business owners focus on the metrics of their business to ensure their stability and growth in their industry.  His motivational and demonstrative talks center around creating metrics to track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reporting goals. His presentations will help business owners create a visual gallery blueprint that allows them to quickly and easily determine if their business is on track, and how to identify and solve issues that are identified.
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