The QDS HR Module can be used as a stand alone product. Meaning, if you do not want to use QDS to send client satisfaction surveys, you don't have to send surveys via QDS. You can just purchase the HR Module only, for $49/mo, and use it to serve as your employee stats dashboard that none of the CRMs offer.
Employees are generally the most expensive part of your business, but yet, the numbers you need to know are nowhere to be found. It makes it so hard to make hiring and firing decisions without this crucial data. So whether you use the entire QDS platform, or just the HR Module, you can get all your important employee stats from QDS.

How Many Healthy Culture Metrics
Do You Meet?

Monthly Employee Retention
(Aim for 10% or Less)

Are you at 10% or less in monthly employee attrition?
To calculate manually: take the number of employees you lost in a given month, and then divide by the number of employees at the beginning of that month.
For example, let's say you had 20 employees at the start of May. You lost 3 during May, but hired 2 that month. Your monthly attrition would be 15% for May. (3/20) It doesn't matter that you added 2 in May. They will count towards your starting number for June, but all they were in May is just replacing some of the churn.

Average Length of Employment
(Aim for 1 yr or More)

Are you tracking month to month what your average length of employment number runs?

All of these stats are baseline numbers to watch your progress (or degression).

Your average length of employment should not drastically change month to month. But like any other number, when you know your norm, you can catch problems earlier.

Trends Identify Problems

Average Separation Point (Aim for 1 yr or More)

Simply put, when do you lose most of your employees post hire?

Is it in the first 30 days (bad hire)?

Is it between 30 and 90 days (onboarding issues)?

Is it between 90 days and 6 months (management retention issues)?
Sure, you cannot eliminate all hiring issues, but knowing trends allows you to identify the root of the problem.

HR Issue Trends
(Trends to Complaints & Attendance)

Do you "feel like" there are more absences on a Friday or a Monday? If so, look at our HR Issues Calendar.

Do you "feel like" you get more complaints at a particular time of the year? If so, look at the HR Issues Calendar.

Knowing trends allows you to make proactive decisions. And, come up with proactive solutions.

Easily Identify Problems (Early)

Automated Policy Violation Progression

It's easy to set up your policies, have everyone sign off that they agree, and then they are never to be seen again, right? But that creates a big problem when it comes to CONSISTENCY & TRUST. Your employees depend on management to be fair, consistent, and protect the culture when the wrong person lands inside the company. QDS makes it easy for you to insert your own policy allowances. Document as issues come up, and then easily see who is in danger of termination based on our color coding system.

Weekly Emailed Reports

You can get a summary report emailed to the management team every week.

The report will tell you if you have any employees in danger of termination (yellow or red disciplinary levels).

It's an easy way to watch your Culture Stats to proactively take action when you see a problem.