The "Wolf of Lawn Street" Presents:
3 Business Bombs

When:  Thursday, May 11th, 8AM-5PM  (QDS Conference Workshops on May 12th & 13th are also included in your registration.)

Where:  Hyatt Centric French Quarter Hotel, New Orleans, LA   (book your room*)

*This event is part of the QDS (Quality Driven) Conference.  You must be registered for the QDS Conference to attend this workshop.

Who:  Open to Badasses who are in the Green Industry

Here's the Overview:

Let’s scale your business to Mars (and beyond)

Do you ever wonder how companies around you scale up so fast? How they blow up their service area? 

Well, I know. I have studied scaling businesses, read hundreds of books and I can literally save you years through following a simple process. Plus in 6 years we grew Liquid Lawn to OWN our market. 197 clients to 4332 in one market… in 6 years…. Profitably.

This process is called Simplify->Automate->Scale. It is a bit counterintuitive but hear me out. 

The first non-negotiable principle to scaling your business(without going crazy) is to simplify. Choose 1 service. We can add other similar services as upsells later. Great! See that was easy! And for this to really work we need this service to be a recurring service. If you are into Design Build landscaping, this isn’t for you. Yes, I get it Design Build can be rewarding and an ego boost. But I am interested in making money… and lots of it. I can go down a rabbit hole on this topic, but lets just say scaling landscape design/build is very difficult past 1-2 million AND you will be working till dark every day AND dealing with unforeseen variables for the rest of your career. So my training isn’t for you UNLESS you use your design/build profit to build your “one thing” faster with cash infusions.

The second non-negotiable principle is to automate. Automate your ass off!!! Automate your sales process. Automate your lead funnels. Automate your follow-ups. Automate your invoicing. Automate your lead source tracking. Automate your client relationships. Automate your hourly tracking. Automate your daily weekly revenue reporting…. Do you get the drift? Do the hard work up front so you can sit on the beach like me (with or without your laptop). 

The third non-negotiable is scaling. Obviously, this is the whole point. After the first two steps are complete, your root system is deep and strong. Now it is time to flourish. Using all of the automated historical data, you will KNOW how to scale and how much it will cost. You will have confidence in scaling. This is the fun part. This is the part that you can move as fast as you want as long as you keep within the rails you have built. Can you onboard 155 clients per week? I can, and I have done it. Onboard 1800 clients per year? I can. And I have done it. 

The only question now is… are you ready?  If so, you need to registerRegistration does include the entire QDS Conference, the Welcome Party, After Party, and conference meals.