Christmas in July: Holiday Lights Marketing Strategy

Spend a day developing your Holiday Lights Marketing Strategy that will kick off in July. 

By pre-selling light installations in July, you can offset your cash flow issues for ordering lights and other supplies, as well as training expenses to get ready for the season. Here’s a rough outline of the agenda (final agenda TBA at a later date):

Wednesday, May 10

Morning Session

  • Marketing Strategy
    • Different Strategies – Pros and Cons of Different Strategies
    • Traditional Advertising, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing
    • Marketing Channels:  How to Choose the Right Channels for Your Business.

  • Branding
    • Create a Strong Brand Identity Around Lights
    • Maintain Across Different Channels
    • Sales Techniques
  • Sales
    • Consultative Selling
    • Solution Selling
    • Tailoring Your Approach for Different Customers
    • Closing Deals
  • Hiring and Recruitment:
    • Attract Top Talent
    • Assessing Candidate Fit
    • Retaining Employees

  • Company Culture
    • Positive Culture
    • Managing Cultural Diversity
Lunch (Provided)
Afternoon Session
  • Digital Marketing
    • Goals
    • Target Audience
    • Measuring Success
    • Staying Up-To-Date with the Trends
  • Leadership and Management
    • Motivating and Inspiring
    • Goals & Recognition
  • Create a Culture of Accountability
    • Best Practices
    • Leadership, Management Team, and Field Techs
  • Performance Management
  • Wrap Up and Q & A

JC Chanowsky

JC sees more than pretty, bright bulbs when he looks at holiday lighting displays. He sees family and memories. He feels warmth, comfort, and joy. Holiday lights transport him to childhood when his parents drove him around different neighborhoods after Thanksgiving dinner to look at beautiful homes illuminated by Christmas lights. 


As an adult, JC created similar memories for his family. Rather than drive his family to look at other homes, he chose to make his own a display worth gawking at. In fact, he was known as “Clark Griswold” because of the numerous luminous lights dangling from his house. 


Having experienced the fulfillment of illuminating his family’s holidays, JC chose to expand his passion to other families by starting Patriot Illumination. For the past six years, Patriot Illumination has created unforgettable holiday lighting displays (and memories).